Horse Care

We believe that the health and soundness of your horse benefits more than anything else from you being a well-informed owner, whether we’re talking about a competing athlete, a mare working on her next foal, or your weekend companion. At Meadow View Veterinary Service, we know that long-term success with your horses comes from the daily care, feeding, and interactions you have with your horse, and we are here to see that you have access to the latest knowledge and insights into horse health.


  • Wellness: Annual check-ups, dental care, vaccine selection, strategic parasite control, nutritional counseling.
  • Medical and surgical care; strong relationship with MSU’s Large Animal Clinic for timely referral.
  • Lameness evaluation, featuring digital x-ray & ultrasound; prepurchase examinations.
  • Dentistry with modern power equipment.
  • Breeding services, featuring in-house and on-farm use of frozen and fresh-cooled semen.
  • Geriatric care for your long-term companions.