Whether trying to help a cow with a problem, helping you manage the health program at your farm, or digging into a complex issue, at Meadow View Veterinary Service we believe that all health problems of dairy cattle can be improved by adding to the knowledge of farmers and their employees.

Plain and simple, we love challenges, big or small! We strive to be THE unbiased source of information that improves the health and productivity of your herd, and we try our hardest to be a teacher and a coach to the people who work with dairy cattle every day.


  • Timely medical & surgical care of dairy cattle
  • Reproductive programs using the latest ultrasound equipment
  • Udder health & milk quality oversight
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Newborn calf & heifer development
  • Employee training and coaching
  • Protocol development and evaluation
  • Oversight of proper medicine use