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In this first installment of the blog feature of our new website, we wish to take a moment to explain why we do what we do here at Meadow View Veterinary Service. These are the things we talk about behind the scenes: things like vision, values, and dreams. We assume that we share these ideas with our customers, but of course we don’t actually do this in any organized fashion. Until now! So please take a peek inside our business, to see where we’ve been and where we’re going…

It is our mission at Meadow View Veterinary Service to provide high quality care and unbiased animal health information to the clients we serve. We strive each day to earn our role as the leading authority in animal health by seeking opportunities to remain on the forefront of evidence-based medicine, and to share our findings with our clients. We wish to build and sustain long-term relationships with successful farmers, committed horse owners, and other livestock enthusiasts in central Michigan. We are blessed to live in a state where the dairy industry is thriving, the beef industry is growing, and the equine community is emerging from the effects of the Great Recession. Since we took over leadership of the business in 1995, about three quarters of our original farms are still with us, with their children now working in their operations or on farms of their own.

Our practice’s skill set is growing with the addition of two new Associate Veterinarians, graduates from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Drs. Ann Wenzel and Katie Schlist. In the next two to four years, we look forward to adding services in nutritional consulting, milk quality assessment, and advanced reproductive technologies, among others.

We enthusiastically participate in organized veterinary medicine at both the state and national levels. Our veterinarians are members of the American and Michigan Veterinary Medical Associations, as well as the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, the American Association of Equine Practitioners, and Society for Theriogenology (the science of animal reproduction). In 2016, Dr. Thome will add service as the Second Vice President of the MVMA’s Executive Committee to his commitments, which already include membership on the Food Animal Practice Committee and chair of the Leadership Development Committee, and following on the heels of two terms as Board of Directors representative for the Equine Practice Committee.

Ten years from now, Meadow View Veterinary Service will be a co-owned, three-to-four veterinarian practice with excellent, well-trained support staff that continues to serve our clientele according to the principles set forth in our mission statement.



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